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Finalists at the Día de Andalucía tournament held in Estepona

A lovely tournament in Estepona on 28th February, Día de Andalucía, a very sunny day with lots and lots of football…. the team left Marbella at 10:00h and didn’t get back until more than 12 hours later, when they got together for a pizza in Marbella to celebrate a great day of football and getting to the final.
The 8 competing Alevín teams were divided into two groups:
Group 1: AD Taraguilla, Guadiaro, Villa de los Barrios, Peña los Compadres
Group 2: Atl. Algecireño, Manilva CF, ADC Esteponense y Estepona CF

Guadiaro 1 – 6 Los Compadres (Sergio Esteban (3) David, Alex, Cristián)
Los Barrios 1 – 3 Peña los Compadres (Alex, Cristián, Sergio Esteban)
La Taraguilla 0 – 2 Peña los Compadres

Manilva 3 – 5 Peña los Compadres (Sergio Esteban (4), David)

La Taraguilla 1 – 0 Peña los Compadres

Los Compadres: León, Sergio Muñoz, Adri, John, Javi, Juanjo, Sergio Esteban, Alex, Cristián, David, José y  Stefan.
All the team took part in the 5 games played, including Cristian, José and Stefan who joined from the Alevín A/B teams. Everyone contributed to the journey to the final. Strong defense by Javi, and John, and a whole host of goals by Sergio Esteban (8 during the day), but the most noteable performance was put in by León, who protected his goal like never before, especially in the two matches played against La Taraguilla. Despite the tiredness that the lads were no doubt feeling, the final between Peña los Compadres and La Taraguilla was a fantastic spectacle. The Marbellis let a couple of good opportunities get away, and León made a couple of great saves, so the final result was a good reflection of this tightly contested match.  Well done to La Taraguilla… see you next time!

Peña los Compadres win the Summer Cup 2010

Peña los Compadres lift the Summer Cup 2010

Lots of fans turned up to see this nice tournament between three teams of the upcoming Alevín Preferente league
Benamiel won the first match against Estepona, after turning the game around in the last five minutes with two late goals, to win 3-2.
Peña los Compadres managed a convincing win against Estepona 4-1 with 2 great goals from Alex, 1 from Manzano and 1 from Sergio. They then went on to draw 1-1 with Benamiel in the last match, with a goal from Sergio.
As both teams had 4 points, the cup was decided by a penalty shoot out, which was won by the Marbella team… congratulations on a great start to the season!

Pena los Compadres 6-3 Estepona

What an exciting match as both teams played great as Pena los Compadres came out top as they were ready for this battle over the Estepona. It was a real fought battle as both teams had loads of chances as an open goal miss from Sergio Esteban. Also a brilliant penalty by Molina followed by a world class free kick from John Wallace. The last goal for Pena los Compadres was great as it was a real team effort what a brilliant start to the season for Pena los Compadres hopefully there will be more in the league.Man of the match was Sergio Esteban scored a brilliant hat trick well done Sergio Esteban.

Half time :2-2

Full time :6-3

Goal scorers were Sergio Esteban(3) Molina (pen) John and David.

Man of the Match- Sergio Esteban

Stadium- Pena Los Compadres Stadium

Pre-Season Training

MONDAY- Today was really hard training as we went on the beach and ran alot. I got up really early in the morning so I could get to the football pitch on time. On the beach we had to run alot from funny beach to the end of the Marbella beach it wasn’t that tiring I have to say. After we did some hard work like sprinting to one post and another post jogging, sidesteps go backwards there were loads of things to do and also 2 push ups. So at the end of training I was really tired so when I got back from the beach I went and had a sandwich with my mum at a breakfast place next to my football pitch.

TUESDAY-Today was fitness again. I also had to get up early in the morning to train as today we trained on the football pitch. Today was more fitness as we had to jump over bars we also did jogging sprints and more. We also did sprints round the pitch and also some jogging but we jogged more.Today was tiring and brilliant as my fitness was getting better and better.

WEDNESDAY- Today was abit different as we didn’t really do any fitness as we did a match and did some ball skills. After training I had to do a medical check. I was quite good as I won the breathing competition and i wasn’t that fat so I hope I can lose some more weight but overall my dad which is also called John gave me a 10 out of 10.

THURSDAY-Today was our last training of the week so it wass going to be very hard as we did alot of fitness as walk up steep stairs 13 times up and back down and alsoo run up a steep hill 14 times. It was a very good training session as we did loads of iftness.

Peña los Compadres 3 – Nueva Andalucía 3

Half time : 2-3
Final result : 3-3
Goals : Javi, German, Yousef (p)

Another goal from Jorge..


Peña los Compadres promoted to Preferente league

After a tough league, and with only one game left to play, Peña los Compadres secure their promotion to the Preferente league by beating strugglers Churriana 12-0 at home.  With four teams bidding for second spot behind Cártama Estación since more or less the beginning of the season, this felt more like a championship win.  Only 1 – 4 points have separated the four main contenders for promotion (Peña los Compadres, San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía & Marbella Paraiso) for most of the second leg of the league.  Plus both El Palo and Torremolinos have enjoyed a great second half of the season, causing some upsets and coming close behind at the middle of the table.  So a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Peña los Compadres Alevin A team, who have worked hard all season and deserve this promotion having put in 100% effort every week since last September.  ¡Preferente, preferente … o-e  o-e  o-e!

Peña los Compadres Alevin A are promoted to Preferente league


New opponents in the Preferente League

Peña los Compadres Alevin A team will meet the following teams in next season’s preferente league… Good luck!:-

Malaga CF, Puerto Malagueño, Malaka, Estepona, EF Velez, Vazquez Cultural, Portada Alta, Faro Torrox, Benamiel, Las Lagunas, Ronda, Cortijillo Bazán, Cártama Estación (promoted grupo II), Peña los Compadres (¡o-e, o-e, o-e!), Tiro Pichón (promoted grupo I), Mortadelo o 26 de febrero (tight battle for second promotion spot in grupo II – 2 games to play)

Peña los Compadres 12 – Churriana 0

It took Compadres a little while to settle down into this much anticipated match against Churriana, knowing that a win would secure them promotion to the much revered Preferente league next season.  Parents, friends and club fans were in full force, and relieved when Manzano opened the scoresheet after about 10 minutes, which was closely followed by another 7 goals before half time.  The second half saw another 4 goals, and when the final whistle blew, the team could start to look forward to a new and exciting challenge in the preferente league after the Summer break.  Although the team will enjoy a party at the end of the season next week, there was no way that they were going home straight after the match!  A great ambience was enjoyed by parents and fans in the Peña los Compadres bar, whilst the team played a bit more football before going out for pizza!

Half time : 8-0
Full time:  12-0
Goal scorers: Manzano (2), Sergio (4), Moreno, Jorege (2), Yousef, John, Juampé (penaltí)