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1267 keepie uppies – new record for John Wallace aged 11

John annihilates his previous record of 927 (October 2010) by doing 1,267 keepie uppies … a training practice that shows as much mental strength as physical…. Let’s keep counting, John!

With these boots and this football on 27th February, 2011

Light training on the beach…

Training in the garden – football skills


Pre-Season Training

MONDAY- Today was really hard training as we went on the beach and ran alot. I got up really early in the morning so I could get to the football pitch on time. On the beach we had to run alot from funny beach to the end of the Marbella beach it wasn’t that tiring I have to say. After we did some hard work like sprinting to one post and another post jogging, sidesteps go backwards there were loads of things to do and also 2 push ups. So at the end of training I was really tired so when I got back from the beach I went and had a sandwich with my mum at a breakfast place next to my football pitch.

TUESDAY-Today was fitness again. I also had to get up early in the morning to train as today we trained on the football pitch. Today was more fitness as we had to jump over bars we also did jogging sprints and more. We also did sprints round the pitch and also some jogging but we jogged more.Today was tiring and brilliant as my fitness was getting better and better.

WEDNESDAY- Today was abit different as we didn’t really do any fitness as we did a match and did some ball skills. After training I had to do a medical check. I was quite good as I won the breathing competition and i wasn’t that fat so I hope I can lose some more weight but overall my dad which is also called John gave me a 10 out of 10.

THURSDAY-Today was our last training of the week so it wass going to be very hard as we did alot of fitness as walk up steep stairs 13 times up and back down and alsoo run up a steep hill 14 times. It was a very good training session as we did loads of iftness.

Football on the Beach… again!

Jeremy, a regular team player with Essex amateur team Thornden Park, and Richard give John some keepie uppie practise on the beach…. after a rather large portion of paella!

You can see two short videos on YouTube.

You Tube Video 1    You Tube Video 2

News Flash – almost 900 keepie uppies

Sunday morning, 10:00am and John is out in the garden.  The rest of the family can hear the unmistakable sound of keepie uppie practise going well ….. so well in fact that he did 897!  Nearly 900 and not many more for a 1000.  Great stuff John!

10 year old John Wallace makes 749 keepie uppies look easy!

John beat his keepie uppies record on the beach today, 13th September 2009.  749 is the new number to beat, and guess what, we happened to get it on video, so you can see it on You Tube.

John Wallace practises his football keepie uppies

Football keepie uppies become more interesting as John decides to include a few tricky moves into the mix…. see a short sample of a warm up here on You Tube.

John beats his keepie uppie record!

627 keepie uppies in the garden on Tuesday, 8th September 2009.  Well done John!!

Training on the beach

Training is fun – taking a jog on the beach with Jagger the dog. 
A couple of small sharks were seen here in the water on 31st August 2009!  Apparently no threat to bathers, but the authorities forced them far out to sea, to be on the safe side.