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Peña los Compadres 7 – 1 Ud. Mortadelo


Peña los Compadres 12 – Churriana 0

It took Compadres a little while to settle down into this much anticipated match against Churriana, knowing that a win would secure them promotion to the much revered Preferente league next season.  Parents, friends and club fans were in full force, and relieved when Manzano opened the scoresheet after about 10 minutes, which was closely followed by another 7 goals before half time.  The second half saw another 4 goals, and when the final whistle blew, the team could start to look forward to a new and exciting challenge in the preferente league after the Summer break.  Although the team will enjoy a party at the end of the season next week, there was no way that they were going home straight after the match!  A great ambience was enjoyed by parents and fans in the Peña los Compadres bar, whilst the team played a bit more football before going out for pizza!

Half time : 8-0
Full time:  12-0
Goal scorers: Manzano (2), Sergio (4), Moreno, Jorege (2), Yousef, John, Juampé (penaltí)

In the director’s box at Torremolinos!

A few words from Pedro after the match…


See a brief interview with Pedro on You Tube

A couple of proud granddads!

John’s grandfather “Papa” and Sergio Esteban’s grandfather “Alfonso” are amongst the keen fan club of the Peña Compadres Alevin A team, and hardly miss a match… at home or away!