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Peña los Compadres 7 – 1 Ud. Mortadelo


John in outer space with sister Steffi and “mini” Dad

John and family enjoy a great day out at the Parque de Ciencias in Granada

World Cup Final 2010


On the 11th July 2010 the day that Spain have been waiting for, the world cup final. Spain vs Holland. Well what could I say about Spain being in the final it was just a brilliant achievement. Anyway kick off was at 8:30pm so we invited my gradparents round their names were Chris and Dennis. We invited them three hours before the game so we could play some games for example cards. kick off was approaching as my dad which is also called John started the barbecue it smelt delicious. We then sat in the hall with everything at the table whilst the players were coming out. We got tucked in as the referee Howard Webb blew his whistle and the 2010 Fifa World Cup Final was underway. The first couple of minutes were great to watch as a free kick for Spain. Xavi as I call him one of the best  midfielders of the world stepped up to take the free kick. Then Sergio Ramos headered it,it was an outstanding save by Holland’s goalkeeper Stekelenburg. As the first half of this glorious fixture between Holland and Spain was almost ending their were some really good opportunities for both teams.  Fifteen minutes later the second half got underway as both teams had chances and also loads of yellow cards as there were 3 yellow cards 1 for Spain and 2 for Holland. The second half finished as the teams waited another five minutes so they could get extra time started. 5 minutes later the 1st half of extra time got underway as both teams had bright starts but Spain looked better and more comfortable on the ball than Hollland. There wasn’t alot in the 1st half of extra time so about 5 minutes after the 1st half of extra time got underway. Heitinga then got sent off . So five minutes left to go then it was penalties then suddenly Fernando Torres picked up the ball crossed it in, it hit of one of the defenders then Fabregas passed it then it fell to Iniesta goaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! I couldn’t believe it I went mad. 4 minutes later the ref blew his whistle and Spain were champions we are the champions my friends and well keep on fighting till the end we are the champions . We will be back in Brasil in 2014 to defend our title. We will now put the star on our shirt and feel proud. WELL DONE SPAIN!

Spain 7 vs England 6

Vistamar Football World Cup 2010

John and Manzano concentrate before their tough semi-final match against England  in the Vistamar Football World Cup 2010.  Referee Karen Mills flew over from Basingstoke to take the whistle.
A great performance by Peña los Compadres team-mates John and Antonio Manzano to beat the English “giants” 7-6.
The crowd went wild!

Peña los Compadres 12 – Churriana 0

It took Compadres a little while to settle down into this much anticipated match against Churriana, knowing that a win would secure them promotion to the much revered Preferente league next season.  Parents, friends and club fans were in full force, and relieved when Manzano opened the scoresheet after about 10 minutes, which was closely followed by another 7 goals before half time.  The second half saw another 4 goals, and when the final whistle blew, the team could start to look forward to a new and exciting challenge in the preferente league after the Summer break.  Although the team will enjoy a party at the end of the season next week, there was no way that they were going home straight after the match!  A great ambience was enjoyed by parents and fans in the Peña los Compadres bar, whilst the team played a bit more football before going out for pizza!

Half time : 8-0
Full time:  12-0
Goal scorers: Manzano (2), Sergio (4), Moreno, Jorege (2), Yousef, John, Juampé (penaltí)

In the director’s box at Torremolinos!

John and family receive a shirt from Sevilla FC president, Sr. Del Nido

Familia Wallace from on Vimeo.

John meets Del Nido, who surprises the Wallaces with a gift.

John was invited to meet and shake the hand of Sevilla FC President, José María del Nido, at half time.  He kindly presented the Wallace family with their very own own personalized shirt at the Parca. John’s grandfather Jock Wallace used to be the manager of Sevilla CF, and also Glasgow Rangers, the visiting team. We are waiting to receive the official photograph, but in the meantime, here is John’s grandmother and family friend, Stuart Chipres, holding up the shirt.  The shirt is now proudly hanging up on John’s bedroom wall near his trophy and medal collection!
This presentation was very special – not least because Del Nido was also very busy that evening looking after VIP guests, Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  They also received personalized football shirts, but we think the Wallace one is the best one!

John writes about the match – Sevilla FC vs Rangers

John writes about the visit to see Sevilla FC vs Glasgow Rangers

On the 8th december 2009 me and my lovely family drove up to Sevilla to watch the game which was Sevilla vs Rangers. This game didn’t really mean anything for Rangers because they can’t even qualify for the Europa league but for Sevilla it was actually a big game because they obviously would like to finish 1st in the group. Me and my family stayed in an amazing hotel which was right next to the Sevilla stadium which is called Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. My seventy two year old Grandmother was the wife of Jock wallace, Jock Wallace used to manage both teams. My Grandmother didn’t really come down so that Rangers could win but she came down because Jock Wallace used to manage both teams. Our 1st night in the hotel was alright. Next morning we got up and we decided to go to see Ally McCoist for a quick drink and chat and also some lunch. When we got to the hotel the 1st  person I saw was Madjid Bougherra. When we went to see Ally I saw Nacho Novo. I also met him at Ibrox when it was my 1st game that I have watched in a stadium it was Rangers 3-2 Manchester City. Anyway when I peeked my head out over the corner I saw Kenny Miller.  When I sat down and had lunch I saw Kris Boyd he was also sitting down relaxing for the big game tonight.