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John, Sergio & León are invited to Málaga provincial trials

Juan García de la Casa, coach of the Málaga U12 has convened a training session on Monday 7th March at the Federation pitch in Málaga.  John, Sergio Esteban and León of Peña los Compadres are amongst the lads invited, so good luck to you, and play well!

John, Sergio Esteban and León invited to Malaga trials

Juan García de la Casa, head coach of the Málaga Alevin team, invited 16 players from the Province to attend a training session at the Federation pitch in Málaga on 1st March 2011, including 3 members of the Peña los Comapdres team. Well done John, Sergio Esteban and León, who enjoyed the experience very much … good luck!

John & León selected to attend trials for Málaga province

John and his team-mate León were invited by the Málaga selection coach Juán García de la Casa to attend a training/trials session at the football pitch of the Málaga Football Federation.  Other Compadres team-mate Sergio Esteban had also attended trials the week before.
Along with 14 other hopefuls, after warming up and doing some near pass drills, they played a 7-aside match.  John started as right back, where he had a good game, and made some great attacking runs up the wing, as well as covering his defensive post as well.  Worthy of mention was a full speed goal kick from León, which John caught on his chest on the wing, and showing great control, he sped forward towards the corner flag before sending across a great pass to the far post.
John very much enjoyed playing with some of his colleagues who are usually on the opposite team … Curro and Martín of Ronda, Jorge of Conejitos, Joaquín of Puerto Malagueño, amongst others!
With some 155 teams of in the Alevín leagues of Málaga province, with 12 players in each, that means that the selector has some 1800 players to choose from!  It is a great achievement even to be asked to the Málaga trials – and from the approx. 30 lads who will be invited to train/attend trials over the coming weeks,  a final squad of 12 will be chosen to represent Málaga province.
Good luck John, Sergio Esteban & León!

Great training experience in Cártama Estación with Fútbol Carrasco

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It was a real pleasure to watch this training session with this group of U12 footballers from Málaga, who had been selected by the Carrasco brothers, of  The professional training was led by twin brothers David and Dimas Carrasco, during which they got to know the boys better and witnessed their technical abilities and their strengths, to help them choose the Futbol Carrasco team that will play in two tournaments in December.  All the lads, including John, Sergio and León of Peña los Compadres, enjoyed very much this couple of hours in Cártama Estación and gave their all to the training. The final team won’t be known until shortly before the first tournament, which will take place in Estepona on 23rd December.  Good luck to all!

John, Sergio Esteban and León short-listed for Carrasco Team

Well done to John, who along with team-mates Sergio Esteban (midfield/centre forward) and León (goalie), has been selected to do some professional training with a selected group of 21 under 12′s in Estación de Cartama on 15th November.  After the training, a final squad of 11 players will be confirmed as the Futból Carrasco Alevín team for 2011.  Best of luck and enjoy the training!

Axarquía 1 – Málaga 4

Congratulations to the “Compadres Quartet” chosen by Juan García de la Casa to form part of the Málaga team of first year Alevins, to play in a friendly against a selected team from Axarquía, on Saturday 3rd April.  A lovely day was enjoyed by all those who travelled to Almayate to watch this well contested game…. everyone played well, both as individuals and as part of the team.  Thanks to the organizers who prepared a huge paella to satisfy the appetite of both players and their families.

Great teamwork from Málaga selection to beat Axarquía 4 – 1

This friendly match between a selection of Málaga first year alevíns and a select team from Axarqúia resulted in a victory for the visitors from Málaga. Despite having only a little time together on the pitch, the lads chosen by coach Juan García de la Casa showed their ability to play at this level with team mates from other league teams with no problem at all – in fact the spectators enjoyed a great match with lots of Tiki Taka… Well done!

Half time : 1-2
Final result : 1-4
Goals : Jorge (Conejitos) Sergio Esteban (Peña Compadres), Joaquín (Puerto Malagueño), Curro (Ronda)

Axarquía 1 – Málaga 4


Axarquía 1 – Málaga 4 (friendly 3rd April 2010)


Malaga Selections

4 players from the Peña los Compadres Alevin A team have been selected by Málaga to play in a friendly match in a team of first year Alevins against another select team from Axarquía.  Congratulations to Sergio Esteban, Yousef, Léon y John. ¡Good luck and have fun!