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Some comments about international sporting events.

Premier League Scores

Arsenal 2-3 Tottenham                                                                                                                       Liverpool 3-0 West ham                                                                                                                      Bolton 5-1 Newcastle                                                                                                                           West Brom 0-3 Stoke                                                                                                                          Birmingham 1-0 Chelsea                                                                                                                    Blackpool 2-1 Wolves                                                                                                                        Manchester united 2-0 Wigan

Vettel Wins Championship

Vettel what a staggering race as he lead for a long time as in the end he came out winning the race and the championsship.Whilst Alonso had a dramatic poor start as Button slid in front of him. Hamilton took the inside curve as Vettel almost hit him but it was not so as Vettel came out with a very fast pit stop. As Hamiltoncame out 2nd with the quickest lap with a 1.41.274. Vettel deserved the championship as he never stopped believing as he now stands as the youngest ever formula 1 world championship. Alonso was behind Petrov as he was very frustrated as he was behind him for about half a race or many more, as Michael Schumacher spun and Vitantonio Liuzzi got his car on top of him, as Michael could of lost his life, lucky man. Vettel is the 2010 WORLD CHAMPION!

Vettel steals pole in Abu Dhabi

Vettel, wow what a performance from the German. As he stealed pole from Lewis Hamilton. Alonso in 3rd Button in 4th and an unhappy Mark Webber in 5th. Anyway tomorrow will be a long afternoon as Mark Webber will be fighting for the championship behind his 3 rivals. F1 fans will be watching tomorrow with their hearts in their mouth as f1 fans will be nervous start to finish. Webber will be fighting his hardest.F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010: Sebastian Vettel pips Lewis Hamilton to earn vital pole position

Barclays Premier League

This weekend there have been good results for Manchester United as they won 2-0 against Tottenham. Chelsea won 2-1 away to Blackburn as they came from behind to win. Arsenal had a late winner in the 88th minute to beat West Ham. Everton beat Stoke 1-0 at home as Yakubu scored in the 67th minute.Fulham had a great score 2-0 at home against Wigan.Wolves had an unsiprisingly win at home against 340million side Manchester City.

Alonso Wins in Korea has Webber goes flying off

Alonso crowned champion in Korea as Webber crashed in lap 20 taking out Nico Rosberg. The race started 10 min 16 utes after 8.00 spanish time and then they started the race behind the safety car. then the race was red flagged as it was too heavy. Then at 9.05  it started as the cars were behind the safety cars for about 15 16 laps it was going to start then there were no yellow flags as the race started and then suddenly Webber went out taking out Nico rosberg that was the highlight o Hamiltons weekend. In the end Hamilton came 2nd and Alonso came 1st very very good drive from him and the other Ferrari driver Felipe Massa in 3rd.


Wayne Rooney has signed new deal with Manchester United until 2015. He is now going to get 10 million a year incredible.

Vettel shines in Japan

bVettel shined in Japan as he rained mad in Japan. Japan saw a brilliant driver who was like Alonso in Singapore and Italy. Vettel did

brilliant as Webber came 2nd as it was a 1 2 for Red Bull. It was brilliant as Hamilton came 4th and it was great. As Kubica went out on the 3rd lap because his wheel came off and it was not good for the Renault team as at that stage of the race they had lost both drivers in the opening 3 laps. Alonso came in a welll deserved 3rd place for a podium.  Rosberg went mad near the first sector as one of his wheels was jumping about as he did quite a bad crash.. In the end  the Red Bulls deserved a 1 2 on the podium. I hope we see better things for Hamilton in Korea

Alonso does back to back win

Alonso did brilliant in the Singapore grand prix as he did it in style,lap after lap he kept going quicker and quicker. It was brilliant as he did it brilliantly.Vettel came 2nd as he kept going beginning to end. Webber did a well deserved 3rd place as on lap 35 Hamilton Ver imagen en tamaño completoand Webber collided and Hamilton was out it was abit poor from Hamilton as Webber had the inside line. In the end Alonso deserved to celebrate in the night as he had a brilliant engine in his Ferrari as he rained winner in the night.

Ferrari win in Monza

Ferrari stormed through the Italian Grand Prix they celebrated  like they have just won the world championship. Alonso had a quick Ferrari as he went storming. Button got unlucky has he came in a well deserved 2nd place it was very well done and a very good Ferrari driver in third Felipe Massa. Hamilton was greedy in the 3rd corner as he hit the wheel of Massa and  car and deserved to win.his wheel was broken it was so greedy. Vettel did well as he came in 4th as he stopped in the penultimate lap. Overal Alonso had the quickest car and deserved the win.

Hamilton wins in wet weather in Belgium

What a win for Hamilton as he started 2nd on the grid behind Mark Webber which had a very fast Red Bull. The ferrari’s were in 6th and 10th a Alonso struggled in the wet weather. Michael Schumacher started 21st as he had a 10 place grid penalty for forcing Rubens Barrrichello to go in the wall in Hungary. But a poor start from Webber opened the door for Hamilton and Kubica through on the 1st corner as michael Schumacher had a great 1st corner then at the end of lap 1 everyone went off as williams Rubens Barrichello went in to ferrari’s Fernando ALonso as it wasn’t a good day for Rubens Barrichello as he ended his 300th race walking back in distress. Then the rain began as every one came in the pits including Alonso. Then just before half way of the race suddenly vettel went into Button on corner 18. Button was out as Vettel had a drive through penalty which he deserved for going in Vettel. Then it rained hard as every one started going off the track,then in the closing stages off the race Alonso went inthe barriers as he lost 2 points which were very important. When it was wet Hamilton went off the trackand almost crashed as he saved his car from going into the barriers but in the end Hamilton deserved to win.