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Las Lagunas 1 – 4 Peña los Compadres

Half Time : 1-0
Final Score : 1-4
Goals : David, Alex, Ismael, Antonio Manzano

Peña los Comapdres 2 – 5 Benamiel

Unfortunately Compadres didn’t manage to improve on their first round match against Benamiel, losing 2-5 again.
Half time : 1-2
Final score : 2-5
Goals : Sergio Esteban (2)

26 de Febrero 0 – 7 Peña los Compadres

A strong start by Compadres saw a good shot by John denied by the post in the opening minutes, followed by 3 goals by his colleagues Alex (2) and an impressive goal by David from a sharp angle. The Marbellis also controlled the second half with 2 goals by Cristian, including one from a great cross by Adri. Alex scored the sixth goal to get his hatrick, and the last goal of the match came from a great header by Sergio Esteban from a corner kick taken by David. Javi played well in defense and also had some good attacking moments, and a solid performance was put in by Sergio Muñoz as right back. Reserves Antonio Manzano, David and Cristian also contributed to the match and Martín did a good job as goalie, substituting León who was unable to play.
Half time : 0-3
Final score : 0-7
Goals : Alex (3), David, Cristian (2), Sergio Esteban

Peña los Compadres 20 – 4 Portada Alta

At last Compadres find their form. John, Sergio Esteban and Alex dominated the midfield and scored 8 goals in as many minutes. Nevertheless the visitors kept fighting and managed to score 2 goals before half time, include an unstoppable penalty. A hatrick by Davd and the first goal of the season by Sergio Muñoz took the half-time score to 12-2.
A strong attack by Peña los Compadres in the second half led to more goals. In spite of the score line, the visitors from Portada Alta should be congratulated for not giving up for the whole match, and for their clean play. Congratulations to Peña los Compadres for their well deserved victory against this respected Málaga team – although they are in the lower part of the table, their first round encounter had a much tighter margin – 4-2 in favour of the Marbellis.
Half time : 12-2
Final result : 20-4
Goals : Alex (6), John (4), Sergio Esteban (4), Sergio Muñoz, David (3), Javi, Antonio Manzano

Peña los Compadres are the Champions!

Congratulations to Ramos and his team of Alevín preferente players for Peña los Compadres who won a 7 a-side tournament which was contested between the following seven local alevín teams: Peña los Compadres A (preferente), Peña los Compadres, Peña Málaga, Vázquez Cultural, San Pedro, Pablo Picasso, Nueva Andalucía.
After beating  Peña los Compadres B team 5-1 in the first  match, and San Pedro 8-1 in the second match, Peña los Compadres alevín preferente met local rivals Peña Málaga in the final.  An exciting match with lots of opportunities at both ends, but the final result of 2-0 in favour of the home team was a fair reflection of the game.   After the match Sergio Esteban collected the trophy before celebrating with the team.

Peña los Compadres hold up the Trophy Cuidad de Marbella 2010


John & León selected to attend trials for Málaga province

John and his team-mate León were invited by the Málaga selection coach Juán García de la Casa to attend a training/trials session at the football pitch of the Málaga Football Federation.  Other Compadres team-mate Sergio Esteban had also attended trials the week before.
Along with 14 other hopefuls, after warming up and doing some near pass drills, they played a 7-aside match.  John started as right back, where he had a good game, and made some great attacking runs up the wing, as well as covering his defensive post as well.  Worthy of mention was a full speed goal kick from León, which John caught on his chest on the wing, and showing great control, he sped forward towards the corner flag before sending across a great pass to the far post.
John very much enjoyed playing with some of his colleagues who are usually on the opposite team … Curro and Martín of Ronda, Jorge of Conejitos, Joaquín of Puerto Malagueño, amongst others!
With some 155 teams of in the Alevín leagues of Málaga province, with 12 players in each, that means that the selector has some 1800 players to choose from!  It is a great achievement even to be asked to the Málaga trials – and from the approx. 30 lads who will be invited to train/attend trials over the coming weeks,  a final squad of 12 will be chosen to represent Málaga province.
Good luck John, Sergio Esteban & León!

Málaga 7 – 1 Peña los Compadres

The game was much more even than that reflected by the score. Going into half time, Málaga were leading 4-1, and there was no further score until the final minutes of the game. Sergio’s goal was the result of a solo effort that started in the mid-field. Unfortunately a few minutes before the final whistle, the ref gave a red card (in my opinion for what it’s worth, unnecessarily) and sent one of the Compadres players to the bench, leaving the team a man short at 6 players. A handicap too big in 7 aside football, especially against a strong side such as Málaga.
Half time : 4-1
Full time : 7-1
Goal : Sergio Esteban

Peña los Compadres 7 – 1 Ud. Mortadelo

A difficult game due to the heavy downpour that was consistent throughout the match, and joined by wind in the last 15 minutes of the game. Both teams and the referee deserve a loud applause for finishing the match, which was enjoyable to watch, as all the lads from both teams gave 100% without stopping.  The first half saw only one goal, by David, a follow-in from a free kick by John.
The second half was dominated by the Peña los Compadres team, but despite early goals by Esteban, Alex and David, the visitors kept fighting until the final whistle, before which there were a further two goals by Sergio Esteban and a goal by Antonio Manzano (just!) from a penalty.  A solid performance by John at the back, who moved forward a few minutes before the end for a goal attempt, which was unfortunately stopped by a rather obvious foul.  John also contributed with some strong free kicks from the halfway line, one of which importantly set up the first goal.
Half time: 1-0
Final score: 7-1
Goal scorers : David (2), Sergio Esteban (3), Alex, Antonio Manzano


Peña los Compadres 7 – 1 Ud. Mortadelo